Blackpool’s Hits the Big Time Again – And this time it’s a one off cultural Bank Holiday special you won’t want to miss.

Unveiling over the bank holiday weekend on Thurs 21st of May between 6pm and 9pm for 4 days  and in association with Blackpool’s north by north west festival, the world of art brings you something to Evoke your senses, your thoughts and your perception of art in the modern world.

Unlike many exhibitions all works will be available for sale and auctioned to the general public, with a portion of the profits being donated to Tommy Fest and the Tommy Castles Trust, it’s a day for art lovers or curious minds NOT to miss!  And a cultural experience for Blackpool that’s got people talking throughout the town.

If you think you know ART! Think again.  While the theme of the event is “Point Of Sale” the whole vision has been created to test YOU the consumer and a guaranteed event to fascinate interest and inspire.

While the art will most certainly be testing your senses the organisers hope they will also leave you in wonder with many questions relating to the purpose of the pieces in question.

Are they designed to look good,  simply for the purpose of selling, to fit inside your home and enhance your interior leaving you in eternal wonder or is there hidden meaning or secrets the artist has hidden or is trying to convey.  Interpret as you wish but most of all ENJOY!

The weekend is forecast to see visitors flooding in from all areas of the North West, whether your an art lover or not, want a great day out, wish to challenge your mind or are simply looking for something special for your home.

You must come down and take a look.

The exhibition is at the Dolphin Promotions offices on 32 Clifton Street, Blackpool, FY1 1JP