I am not too big on SEO tools and have always found the Keyword Tool on Digital Point combined with Oveture/Google Keyword Suggestion to be more than adequate for my needs, however recently I have been thinking about trying out some new tools. Whilst researching some options I came across Seodigger. Now I have seen the name around a bit but never bothered to try it out, and now I have its a pretty fun tool. From the website it “Parsed approx 44,000,000 keywords with depth of 20 first Google results” and basically all you do is type in your domain name and it lists all the keywords you are ranking for in the Top 20 of Google.

Unfortunately fos us it uses the information from Google.Com and therefore provides American based results which is not really relevant for any of my own sites or client sites. I also cant actually tell if it is accurate as searching from the UK provides different results. However it is entertaining and I think it will be useful to try and guage what the copetitors rank for and what keywords they are trying to focus on.