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Alternative Look are a local company specialising in wigs and hair pieces. They have been using us for their SEO campaign and we are proud that we have managed to make them one of the top websites for wigs on the Internet. Check out the results for them below:

Keyword Google Position Number of Results in Google
Alternative look Top 10 179,000,000
Hair pieces Top 10 2,640,000
Hot hair Top 10 60,800,000
Jessica hair extensions Top 10 566,000
Natural image wigs Top 10 1,320,000
Natural wigs Top 10 1,530,000
Revolution hair extensions Top 10 1,040,000
Synthetic hair Top 10 2,050,000
Wig stands Top 10 1,880,000
Wigs Top 10 7,210,000

What is worth noting here is that the keyword Alternative Look gives 179,000,000 results and Wigs give 7,210,000.This is due to the fact Google returns the results for all websites containing the keywords Alternative or Look and ranks the website so high due to the keywords being in the same order and in the URL. If we look at the number of sites that have them 2 words in that exact order (Google “Alternative Look”) there are only 113,000 results, whereas Wigs remains at 7,210,000 and is therefore considerably harder to optimise for.

I am the director of Dolphin Promotions, a full service web design and marketing company based in Blackpool, UK.
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