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Well we have taken some time off from blogging as things have been so busy. Over the past few months we have been recommending clients to consider blogging as part of the promotions process. We find blogging one of the best methods to promote a site, Google loves fresh unique content and building links to an informative blog post is much easier than building links to a corporate page listing services, or a product page on an e-commerce site.

So we have decided to listen to our own advice and get back to blogging!

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  • Paul Antony Jose

    glad to hear that ………
    I am an old reader of your website

  • UK SEO Positive

    Hi, I am a new reader, and a new SEO firm. I have been looking at your blog (nice blog), your site (nice design, look, and feel) and you rankings, well done!

    By reading your blog, it seems that the SEO community is quite close, even though there is competition around. As I say I am new to SEO, and it is good to see. I hope to see people, and hear from you in sharing success in the future.

  • mike

    Good to see you back. Was starting to think you’d given up blogging for good.

  • Zulu Internet Marketing

    Nice to see you back. It seems you can’t beat a bit of blogging to improve your SEO campaign. We’re in the process of encorporating a blogging facility into our site, so look out for it in the future…it should be up and running within the next few months. Your comments would be welcome.

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