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Big Mouth Media appear to be having a few issues as of late. A few days ago Site Visibility reported about some ranking issues that may indicate a penalty that has been applied to the BMM homepage which caused the homepage to be completely de-indexed.

However in BMMs defence it appears that it is less likely to be a penalty and more likely to be a screw up with a server misconfiguration leading to them 301 or 302 hijacking themselves with the domain

Unfortunately the bad news doesn’t seem to end there, not only have they lost some very important rankings but it appears that a search for their brand name is showing some less than desirable results.

While the results are not returning negative comments from clients it can’t be helping with client confidence or acquiring new clients with multiple domains ranking for Big Mouth Media all documenting a screw up.

BMM are generally regarded as whiter than white so I am sure once they are back the negative results will soon filter out.


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