Over the last few months I have been noticing quite a lot of websites that make some fundamental errors. One of the ones that keep cropping up is failing to make a website resolve on the non www.  version.

I just went to blackpool.gov.uk to try and pay our rates bill and was greeted with an opendns error.

I don’t know about most people but I never type in a URL starting with www. and I am assuming this would be cause for significant confusion for the average person that does not know about these things.

Granted a lot of sites that suffer these issues are for companies/organisations that are not relying on the search engines for success but it is still a basic error that will probably be causing confusion.

I just checked the other sites blackpool.gov.uk links out to and quite a few of them suffer from the same issues including:

  • blackpoolunlimited.com
  • reblackpool.com
  • visitblackpool.com

Please sort it out!