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Well I am sure most people have already noticed we have not been posting. It is not out of laziness but we just have too much work on and we need to put our clients before our own projects!

I am hoping that once our SEO team is fully developed I will be able to have some time to do a little more blogging/research/experimenting and maybe even get involved with the SEO community a little more!!

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  • TigerTom

    Work? Before blathering? Are you _crazy_?

  • SuKai Marketing

    I hope you don’t mind me saying, well if you do you could always delete my post… but isn’t it a bit naughty to advertise a U COMMENT, I FOLLOW logo on a blog where you have NO FOLLOWED all the links?! I think that goes against the I FOLLOW ethos doesn’t it?! 🙂

  • James

    Agreed, sorry about that I have removed the icon.

    The blog is normally a dofollow blog, but as we have taken a break from the blogginh while we focus on our clients we have added nofollow to the comments just to make sure no spammy comments sneak through.

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