We have already posted about Google Chrome starting to warn users when they are submitting data over a form that is not secured by HTTPS.

Now Google is taking another step in ridding this internet of HTTP connections. Coming in July 2018, whenever a user navigates to an HTTP site in Chrome the Omnibox will spell it all out.

This is just a warning in the top left of the search bar so for your average user it won’t be that noticeable, but it shows a trend towards Google ensuring every site has an SSL.

If you leave your site unsecured, the pages will load okay so if you have a small brochure style website that never requests any user info, you don’t have to worry too much yet.

Any website that has forms, and especially any website that has some form of sign up or e-commerce system is highly recommended to use HTTPS as Google will pester users about insecure connections.

Any client that has their hosting on our servers, and nameservers pointing to our Cloudflare account is eligible for free SSL as part of their hosting. If you use your own nameservers, we need to buy and manually install the certificate, and this incurs a fee of £75.