North South Media have recently been running a Top Ten list for SEO Companies. This is unofficial and is more for fun than anything. However the past 2 months Dolphin Promotions have appeared on the lists.


There are 3 segments as follows

The segments are as follows:

  • Regional : Scotland
  • National : UK
  • International

The positions within the top ten are awarded by the company’s position for certain competitive keyword phrases. Each month the criteria for scoring have changed slightly as people discuss what a company should be ranking for. As of July the points awarded are established by the following

Search Engine Scope and point weighting:

  • : 30 pts for 1st; 29 pts for 2nd and so on…
  • : 15 pts for 1st; 14 pts for 2nd and so on…
  • : 10 pts for 1st; 9 pts for 2nd and so on…

Regional (Scotland) Keyword phrases:

  • SEO Scotland
  • SEO Company Scotland
  • Search Engine Optimization Scotland

National (UK) Keyword phrases:

  • SEO UK
  • SEO Company UK
  • Search Engine Optimization UK

International Keyword phrases:

  • SEO
  • SEO Company
  • Search Engine Optimization


In June we were placed at number 10 for National results, in July we have slipped off the regional ranking but were ranked at number 3 for the international results.

Top Ten SEO companies for July 2007

Though this is not a serious Top Ten table it is interesting that many companies advertise SEO for their clients but seem unable to carry out SEO on their own sites.

We hope over the next few months we will be able to rank better in both the National and International Lists