Email is one of the most important tools for communication within a business and that is why we are always on the lookout for the best technology possible for our clients.

Many companies offer just POP3 with no online storage which means once you have downloaded a message then it only exists on your computer, there is no syncing with your mobile device and if you are unfortunate enough to have a crashed computer you could lose ALL of your emails.

Solutions such as Microsoft Exchange are common in larger companies but this tends to be very expensive to implement and that is why we prefer other solutions such as Google Apps and Outlook for Domains.

We currently set up our clients  with Outlook for Domains which allows up to 50 emails using your domain name. It offers unlimited storage, has superb webmail access via and can use both POP3 or ActiveSync to download your messages to your devices/computer. ActiveSync will make your emails work exactly like MS Exchange with everything syncing perfectly with each device, all without the cost of MS Exchange!!

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