Facebook is here to say and is becoming a major tool in the way businesses interact with their customers. It currently has 1 billion users, with 167 million unique visitors per month and 500 million likes per day. That’s more than Twitter and Pinterest put together.

23% of users check Facebook 5 times or more daily and 50% check daily. Therefore Facebook is an amazing platform to increase your brand recognition and generate leads.

Facebook is an amazing way to communicate with your customers, this can be great for larger companies wanting to be more in touch with their clients and less of a faceless corporation, to small local shops wanting to keep in touch with their regulars and offer them regular deals ensuring customer retention.

We can help you with all aspects of Facebook and social media, including branding your company page, providing advice on improving likes and the best ways to use your page. We can also help set up Facebook advertising, which some would argue is superior to Google AdWords as it allows for very specific targeting such as age, location and interests.

We can also provide onsite one to one training on the best ways to use Facebook and how to manage your advertising campaign yourself and how to interpret the statistics provided by Facebook.

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