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For the small number of clients that are still on FastHosts, there is a current on-going problem with incoming POP3 email.

Please also note that if you are still on our FastHosts servers we will have completed the hosting and email migration by Tuesday the 8th of February.

The official announcement from FastHosts is:

On the 1st February we experienced high queues within our incoming mail servers. This resulted in delays in customers receiving emails to their mailbox.

Our engineers identified an issue which occurs only at times of peak load on our mail storage platform. We worked through the night in conjunction with our storage suppliers to introduce more capacity. However, due to the quantity of data, performance, and resilience required, this will take several days to become fully functional.

Normal service was maintained until mid-day on the 2nd February, when our email platform experienced exceptionally heavy load and action was required to maintain our email service and avoid any server downtime. While we investigated other methods of mitigating the issue, the decision was made to suspend POP3 access to our mailboxes for the duration of this peak period. While this was not a decision we made lightly, it meant that we were still able to maintain normal email service to a large number of our customers who use Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, or Webmail to access their emails. This further protected our email network from excessive load and the possibility of a failure.

We have also now freed up additional storage capacity through other means, which will take effect from tonight.

13:30: We have restored POP3 access to all mailboxes. However, we have placed a connection limit on the number of open concurrent connections. As a result during peak times some customers connecting to their mailboxes using the POP3 protocol may find access intermittent.

14:00 While the connection limit for POP3 connections is still in place, a very large number of our customers should experience no impact at all. A small number of customers may experience brief losses of connectivity.

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  • pat

    Since a massive crash in Feb, no consistent Email working. Mid Feb all our inboxes crashed/ content vanished intermittently (lovely). No explanation. no apologies. delays. Stupid automated email support: you receive reply1 saying “thanks for email, we get back to you shortly regarding query #123456” then 72h later another saying “no news from you, we consider you must have query 123456 solved since you did not contact us again”. Infuriating. If you reply and pester to that, one more stupid round of automated emails.

    HOTLINE? Hotline is very expensive. Can take up to 70mn to get the right person + sorting out your specific issue. use your mobile to contact them for a serious issue and sell your house.

    ROAMING ACCESS to Emails
    My Iphone to this day is not receiving emails consistently : some arrive, some dont. No reasons for it according to Fasthosts. Who did neither investigate nor solve the problem. Other providers / emails accounts on the same phone work perfectly. Answer from Fasthosts:”contact Apple. Or your phone provider: cannot be our fault.”

    Last week some employees could not access emails from phones while roaming. Contacted Fasthosts. Response: “yes, from the Fasthost webmail access page +/- 25% of your employees will not be able to access their emails. They have to access their emails via another address from now on. the old page is not working anylonger.” do you think they’d let the customer know / communicate this new address? Nope, Fasthosts hope this 25% of our employees will spend time ( = money on the hotline) contacting them directly:+ they do not want to advertise their failure to provide a consistent service, change access pages etc…

    To this day email boxes which content vanished in Feb is still NOT back on it. We should ‘ve backed it up Fasthosts said!

    Why are we still using their system?

    1) little time to migrate
    2)where to go?
    3) heard FRIGHTENING stories on the web: they secure your name renewal behind your back just before the date and if you leave, they keep the address etc for a while (Google for more info)

    I am NOT working for a competitor, I am NOT a service provider, etc. We are just normal clients.

  • James

    Hi thanks for your comment, yeah we completely closed our account after terrible service from them. The servers just seemed to run slower and slower by the year, they couldn’t modify our service which meant we were paying £300+ a year more than other resellers, and the add on services were quite expensive.

    We now use Heart for our small Linux clients, and a dedicated Poundhost server for the main clients. For emails we use Google Apps, though this is no longer free so I would suggest looking into Zoho or Windows live for domains.

    Being with Fasthosts made us learn that it is best to keep your domains away from your hosting so you are never locked in with anyone.

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