With online marketing being one of our core services we appreciate how important it is to get your website in front of potential customers. This has become increasingly difficult with organic listings over the years, even with good SEO, and this is why many people turn to paid advertising.

AdWords is the most popular paid advertising platform, and we have seen amazing success using this combined with Google Merchant, to list your products in Googles shopping channels.

Google is now exploring new ways to monetise searches for shopping, and the search giant has teamed up with Target, Walmart and several other large US chains for a new program.

The new program will allow the retailers can list their products on Google Search, as well as on the Google Express shopping service, and Google Assistant on mobile phones and voice devices.

Unlike pay per click, it is reported that retailers pay Google a piece of each purchase, similar to how affiliate marketing works.

One of the driving features of the program is the user trend of searching for “Where can I buy this?” “Where can I find it?” and “How can I buy it?”.

Mobile searching has risen 85% in the past 2 years for these search terms, and they generally lead to Amazon, and therefore the new program will push users in other directions.

This new service will be heavily integrated into to Google Assistant / Google Home for AI-based searches.

While this new service is restricted to select US retailers, it is likely a sign of things to come for global retailers.