Celplas PVC is a well-established company in Blackpool specialising in PVC maintenance-free building products including Roofline, trade bathrooms, trade windows and our exclusive range of internal decorative cladding for bathroom and kitchens.

The previous website was using both WordPress and a separate eCommerce application to run the site, all of which was running on an outdated version of Apache. The client was also previously manually managing the Google Merchant feeds used in AdWords.

The new site is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, part of the project included importing as many existing products as we could using automated scripts to reduce work on the clients’ behalf.

Logos and colour schemes were retained from the previous site and the overall design was kept clean and simple. The site is fully responsive for both mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

The new system fully automates the product exports for Google Merchant, allowing the client to export the full catalogue and significantly reduce the time it takes to maintain the AdWords account.

Analytics has been fully integrated along with eCommerce tracking allowing the client to accurately track the ROI from his AdWords and other advertising.

We also handle the hosting for the website, which includes regular updates, daily backups and optimisations to make sure the website runs quickly. This is all hosted on our dedicated server which uses a solid-state hard drive and is one of the fastest options on the market. This ensures the site loads quickly no matter how many users are on the site at any one time.