Screentek has been a client of ours for several years and following the acquisition of another client of ours, Recovo, they decided it was time for a new site for each company that would link up the brands.

The brief was to develop 2 websites that would allow easy transition between each other using the same design elements while keeping the 2 brands independent. They also wanted a more modern design orientated theme to reflect the design philosophies implemented in the design of their screens and furniture. It was also important for the websites to be deeply integrated with social media and be fully updatable by the client.

The client has been extremely happy with the result and we hope our business relationship will continue for many more years.

Below are some before and after pictures but due to the scrollable design we highly recommend you check out the current live sites for both Screentek and Recovo

Screentek Before



Screentek After

Landing Page


Main Site


 Recovo Before



Recovo After (landing page is the same as Screentek)