Due to the nature of some of our software development work we have seen a growing demand for IT support. This covers a wide range of needs from general email support to fully fledged IT support including network and server installation.

The demand for this service has grown due to the increased reliance on the internet to run a business.

Some of the areas we can help you with include:

Network installation and remote network support – We can come into your office and set up your entire network making sure all your computers work seamlessly with the devices on your network.

Remote network support with Cisco Meraki – Dependent on your budget we can install Cisco Meraki networking hardware including switches, POE switches, access points and CCTV cameras. The Cisco Meraki hardware is all managed in the cloud and we can log in and diagnose problems completely remotely, with almost complete control over your entire network. While this can be quite expensive to implement there are significant cost savings over employing a dedicated IT professional or incurring expensive call out fees anytime you have issues.

Server & NAS builds and setup – We believe that every business should have a backup strategy for their computers, in general, the minimum recommendation is both an onsite backup and remote backup. The vast majority of clients we talk to have nothing in place. Services like Google Drive and DropBox are NOT backup solutions. We can help you deploy a Network Attached Storage device that can handle all onsite backups as well as connecting to proper cloud backup services. For larger businesses, we can custom build a server that can carry out multiple functions including hosting applications we have developed for you in-house rather than relying on connecting to a remote server.

SIP-VOIP Telephone deployment. Thanks to reliable fibre internet throughout most of the UK we highly recommend deploying a VOIP system vs a traditional telephone line. VOIP uses the internet for your phone systems and allows you to use your landline in any location with internet access. The VOIP systems we deploy can cost from as little as £5pcm and have a huge range of features including voicemail, call holding, transfers, IVRs and call recording. Most of the phones we use have 5 lines per phone with each phone being able to have multiple numbers assigned to it

We can also provide full software support both onsite or remotely via Teamviewer.

If you would like to enquire about our IT support services feel free to contact us today on 01253 963016 or via our contact form