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At Dolphin Promotions we pride ourselves on the results we deliver our clients. We happily provide case studies on the Web Design and SEO work we do. We also do our best to ensure we focus on keywords that provide the maximum return on investment for the client. We realise these keywords are often also the most competitive and other companies may shy away from targeting them. We typically target a combination of highly competitive and medium competitiveness terms along with giving the client an approximation of how long these terms will take to rank well.

Some examples of Top Ten placings we have achieve recently include (as of 10/10/07):

Website Top Ten Key Term Websites in Google
Alternative Look Hair Peices 5,160,000
Hot Hair 55,500,000
Wigs 8,430,000
IPC Ltd Independent Property Consultant 3,090,000
(Achieved in 1 month) Investment Property Abroad 1,960,000
Property Abroad 5,220,000
Judge Ceilings Discount Tools 68,800,000
Dsicount Light Fittings 2,010,000
Suspended Ceilings 2,160,000
Wilson Field Insolvency Advice 2,340,000
Liquidation 29,100,000
Liquidation Company 2,190,000
Dolphin Promotions SEO (Top 20) 177,000,000
SEO Company (1st Place) 13,000,000
Web Design Company(Top 20) 371,000,000
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