In 2005 Michael Arrington started up TechCrunch, a blog based on Internet Startups. This was more a blog of passion rather than a Job however over the past few years TechCrunch has become one of the top places to find out about new and up and coming Web Companies.

As the popularity of the site grew more and more companies wanted to advertise, the more companies that advertised through TechCrunch themore the blog grew. This pattern has allowed the company to grow enough to employ 8 people full time, this year it hired a CEO and as of August 1.25 million people visited the site or its affiliates at least once. The popularity of TechCrunch has allowed them to bring in approximately $240,000 (approx £120,000) in advertising, they also supplement this income from various conferences and parties.

The company is now in the black and is possibly a good sign of things to come with Blogging. Many Blogs on the net generate income, with some allowing individuals to make a decenct living, and others growing into highly profitable companies such as TechCrunch.

Many people have commented that the growth of Blogging could lead to the end of traditional media. While growth in blogging and online advertising is allowowing individuals to make a living online it si worth noting that the majority of Blogs do not earn large ammounts of money.