Recently many people have been posting Firefox Add-ons they recommend, so I have decided to list the Add-ons I prefer and why.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a fairly common Add On that people use and is self explanatory. It allows yu to right click on banners and chose to block it. It also allows you to select a filter subscription which will block most advertisements for you automatically.Faster Fox

I have only installed this recently. Initially i avoided installing it as it adds extra server load by pre-fetching certain links. I am still not entirely sure if this has added much benefit to Firefox however my ADSL connection runs at 20 Meg and I have 2 gig of ram so I don’t need to worry about optimising the performance that much.


Keyscrambler is a great idea. It encrypts your keystrokes at the kernel driver level to protect login information from any potential key loggers on your system.

From what I have seen there are mixed opinions about the Add On. Many users seem to have varied problems with this, including making the computer jerky, and not scrambling the input on certain sites including Yahoo.

I personally have not had any issues with it on any of my systems and think it is a great idea. The other thing to note is you should not rely on this software to protect you from having any information logged and you should frequently check your computer for viruses and any malware.

No Script

I personally love this Add On. It only allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice e.g. your home-banking web site, and guards the “trust boundaries” against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).

This Add On will help provide increased security and considering the internet is becoming increasingly insecure I think this is essential.

The one drawback I have found from this is that it can be frustrating having to constantly allow or temporarily allow sites to use JavaScript. I have found most sites you browse nowadays will use some form of JavaScript (including my own) and sometimes the functionality of the site can be affected if you do not allow the JavaScript to run.

Search Status

A simple little Add On that displays the Google Page Rank, Alexa rank and Compete ranking anywhere in your browser.


Provides some basic tools to help with search engine optimization. Including google backlinks, yahoo back links, Page Rank check, http header viewer, and more. All features are available by right-clicking on an open area of a web page, or by using the included toolbar.

I primarily use this for checking back links, indexed pages and WHOIS. The bank links check on MSN doesn’t work and now Yahoo have changed the way you check back links it does not work on that properly but it is still a useful tool if you are interested in SEO.