Recently I have been going through some of the tools on SEOmoz to see if there is anything new I have been missing out on, and I came across 2 little gems.

These have probably been available to the public for a while I just haven’t used them but under their Labs tools there is:

I have used Linkscape since its release and it is an excellent tool, unfortunately you have a limited number of credits per month so you need to be cautious about using it excessively.

The above tools do not use any credits and I have found they provide some excellent data for an initial diagnostic on a site if for example your are doing an SEO Competition Report.

The top pages tool does exactly what it says on the tin and identifies the top pages of a domain based on its links. I find this is useful as quite often in the past for an initial diagnosis I look at the links to the homepages or the domain as a whole and then maybe check out some of the obvious strong pages. With this tool you can identify the strongest pages within a few seconds.

If we take for an example:

imageHere we can see which pages are the strongest and presumably have been optimised the most for. You can then use each of the above URLs in the Backlink Analysis tool where you will get both anchor text and backlink data:

image image

There are also plenty of other tools out there that offer similar functionality. The Link Harvester tool on SEOBook is still one of my favourites but I find the above tools the best at identifying the strongest pages with deep links.