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We Specialise in SEO and Online Marketing

We have been doing search engine optimisation (SEO) for over a decade now. Years ago, you could just spam the internet with links getting amazing results with little effort, but over the year’s search engine algorithms have improved, specifically Google. With the help of their head of search, Matt Cutts, you can no longer get away with spammy techniques such as massive directory submissions or keyword stuffing.

Part of our weekly tasks is keeping on top of what changes there are to search engine algorithms. We read dozens of blogs from Moz and Matt Cutts to black hat forums so we can understand all aspects of SEO, both good and bad.

Nowadays having a high-quality website, with good quality unique content is often more important than the links you have. So, our initial goal is always to improve the quality of a client website, this, in turn, makes it more link worthy.

Once a website has all the on-site aspect fixed we will then move onto link building, and other techniques such as conversion rate optimisation to improve the sales from your existing traffic.

SEO can be a very slow process and over the years we have seen a growing demand for Pay Per Click management. Unlike SEO, you can get a return on investment within days, if not hours. However, they can also cost a huge amount of money, and you can incur a massive loss if you just throw money into a PPC campaign without knowing what you are doing.

For all our campaigns, we closely monitor traffic to the site, and cost per conversion. We will typically carry out weekly amendments to a campaign, adding negative key terms, adjusting ad text or bids. We will also carry out A/B testing where possible, so we can see what page design converts the most clients.

During one of our campaigns, within 3 months we have seen a 15% drop in cost, with a 40% increase in sales.

One Off SEO

  • SEO Audit
  • Hosting Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Search engine submission / resubmission
  • Submission to Webmaster Tools
  • Dynamic XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Set up of Google Analytics with goals
  • Current ranking report
  • Basic on-site optimisaiton
  • Integration with Social Media, dependant on website
  • Advice on improving rankings yourself

AdWords Management

From £50 per month
  • £50pcm minimum charge approximate charge 10% of advertising budget
  • Complete set up of AdWords campaign
  • Conversion tracking via Analytics and/or tags
  • Key Word research
  • Key Words broken down into Ad groups with optimised adverts and URLs
  • Weekly bid adjustments
  • Weekly advert optimisation
  • A/B testing dependant on website
  • Market segmentation
  • Bid adjustments based on market
  • Monthly reports

Our Skills

We are not perfect, but we try our best


On-Site SEO & Content Development

Link Building

Pay Per Click / AdWords

Google Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Dolphin Promotions have provided us with a complete web and IT solution. They have redesigned our website, making it work with Facebook and other social media. They maintain the website for us so we don’t have to worry about it at all.
James also converted our phone system to VOIP saving us hundreds per year and providing us with more flexibility with our phones and he helps us set up a new CRM to manage our projects effectively.

R Gleave Director

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