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As we all know, Google is the main source of search engine traffic, and with the exponential growth of websites combined with improved search engine algorithms, it is both costly and time consuming to get a website ranking well naturally in Google.

This is why, unfortunately, you sometimes just have to pay for advertising. Many people try and do this themselves, and theoretically it is not hard, but quite often, due to a lack of knowledge, or time to spend on the platform, it is quite common for clients to waste a large amount of money on AdWords with a poor return on investment.

We have managed AdWords for many years and we can set up a new campaign for you, or take over existing campaigns and optimise them.

Depending on what key terms you target this can be quite a big job and we will look multiple areas of optimisation, including reducing bids or pausing none effective key terms, improving ad quality, improving the conversion rates by directing users to the appropriate landing page and optimising that page for the advert.

For eCommerce sites, using Google Merchant Centre is an absolute must as it provides that easiest and often biggest return on investment. Not only will we implement a product feed, but opimitise it too, to make sure you get the best product placements possible.

Another area of advertising that have grown exponentially in recent years is Facebook advertising. Everyone is on Facebook nowadays and we have all seen the adverts on there, for better or worse.

The beautiful aspect of Facebook advertising is being able to targeted your customers down to minute detail, you can then have custom adverts based on all your demographics.

For example, a beauty salon might have a particular service that they want to target at 18-25-year-old Women in the Blackpool area. You can have a specific advert for that demographic, you can even go down further and target people with specific interests.

If you owned a shop specialising in running gear you could have an advert targeting people with that interest and have a higher cost per click for it, as you would hope they would be high converting users.

On top of all this, you can experiment with A/B testing, and conversion rates. So 18-25 year old female runners may not be spending as much as much as 30-35 year old male runners, so you could increase you budget for the latter group.

This obviously is all time consuming, and beyond what many clients are willing to do themselves, and this is where we come in. We find that the short-term costs of setting up these adverts provides a great return on investment later down the line.

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Dolphin Promotions have provided us with a complete web and IT solution. They have redesigned our website, making it work with Facebook and other social media. They maintain the website for us so we don’t have to worry about it at all.
James also converted our phone system to VOIP saving us hundreds per year and providing us with more flexibility with our phones and he helps us set up a new CRM to manage our projects effectively.

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