Application development and testing in the cloud is  gaining popularity, as more businesses realise the benefits of having their software in the cloud brings.

Unfortunately finding a reliable developer that is cost efficient is quite difficult, many web design companies just specialise in the design side of the business, doing very little development and instead relying on prebuilt software such as WordPress.

At Dolphin Promotions we have extensive experience in programming in both ASP and PHP, which are 2 common languages used for cloud applications. We have also completed many cloud applications giving use much needed experience in working with legacy systems and working with 3rd party software and APIs.

Moving your software into the cloud will often pay for itself within a relatively short period of time and can have numerous benefits including:

  1. Reliable backups – many companies that contact us have their current software on one server, which often tends to be old and on its last legs. Backups are generally irregular and if the server goes down it can be days if not weeks before it is up again. Developing your software in the cloud and hosting with ourselves means we take full backups daily and partial backups every 6 hours, the backups are hosted in multiple remote locations. Our host has a 99% SLA agreement with all our servers being maintained by a multimillion pound hosting company. In the event of complete server failure we can have all websites live again in a few hours.
  2. Flexibility – With the growth of mobile computing more and more of our clients are accessing work files from home, or on the road using phones, laptops, and tablets. Traditional systems are generally not able to communicate with the outer world whereas our systems allow you to access it anywhere anytime as long as you have a data connection.
  3. Upgradeability – we write our systems bespoke based on your requirements, because we use a common programming languages such as PHP we can extend systems as much as you would like.
  4. Future proofing – Similar to upgradeability, your cloud application is future proofed to a certain extent. The languages we use and the databases are long established and due to their prevalence online it is very unlikely they will be discontinued in the future so you should not have to worry about redeveloping the software every very years.
  5. 3rd party and client access – Most of our clients need to transfer data between one application to another, or provide reports for clients manually. We can develop our systems with the ability to allow clients to log in to see the progress of their job/case etc, and we frequently integrate our software with 3rd party systems such as sage or existing in house systems which allows you to automate many of your processes.

If you are interested in having a cloud application developed by us then please contact us on 01253 804 510 or using our contact form.