Dolphin Promotions No 1 SEO Company in the UK according to NSM

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North South Media have been doing an SEO league table over the past few months based on the rankings each company achieves within the search engines. As part of our on going SEO on our own site we have gradually moved up in the table and finally been ranked at No 1 for the UK results and No 2 for the International Results. While the league is not official or even that serious it is nice to be identified as one of the top SEO companies in the UK. Congratulations to Hobo Web and Just Searching for achieving No 1 in the Scottish and International results.

Regional results as follows:

Company Dec 07
Nov 07
1 Hobo Web 152 pts
154 pts
2 Internet Marketing Scotland 148 pts
154 pts
3 Web Designer Scotland 108 pts
68 pts
4 Design Insite 95 pts
123 pts
5 360innovate 69 pts
69 pts
6 NLP Scotland 59 pts
80 pts
7 Breeze Media 43 pts
8 Scotland SEO Blog 39 pts
9 Spider Writing SEO 36 pts
40 pts
10 North South Media 34 pts
45 pts

UK National results as follows:

Company Dec 07
Nov 07
1 Dolphin Promotions 71 pts 70 pts 226,288
2 Submit Express 60 pts 62 pts 500,545
3 Blue Claw 60 pts
58 pts
4 Kruse 56 pts
53 pts
5 Mister Web 54 pts
54 pts
6 Vertical Leap 48 pts 70 pts 230,015
7 BigMouthMedia 40 pts
8 SEO Company UK 38 pts
47 pts
9 EHL Online 38 pts
10 Beyonder 34 pts
33 pts

International results as follows:

Company Dec 07
Nov 07
1 Just Searching 75 pts
45 pts
2 Dolphin Promotions 73 pts
75 pts
3 I Have A Website Now What 73 pts
71 pts
4 WebLinx 71 pts
87 pts
5 SEOCO 70 pts
84 pts
6 Search Engine Optimising 56 pts
30 pts
7 White Hat Media 47 pts
42 pts
8 Big Mouth Media 42 pts
62 pts
9 North South Media 34 pts
44 pts
10 SEO London 34 pts
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  • James

    Thanks, its all a bit of fun though, as rankings don’t really show how is the best for their clients. A few people have been going on about it for this year saying there should be a penalty based on your current rankings for the chosen key terms and other says SEO comps are pointless etc.

    People take it all a bit too seriously. Even though this doesnt identify who the best SEO really is what competitions actually do anyway? There is an entrance fee for TopSEOs so they are only ranking people that are willing to pay a fee. SEO comps for random keywords show who is the best at black hatting or even who has the most resources. So they are all tainted to some extent.

  • Sandy Jilly

    Nice to hear, Great.

  • Web Design Cambridge

    Congrats on the UK results, not easy to achieve (as I am finding)!!

  • Search engine marketing: White Hat Media

    Too bad North South Media is going to stop this league..
    It was great!

  • Tina

    Great information, how ever it now needs to be updated.

  • Sue Web Design

    Well done on your rankings!

  • johncarter

    Hey Friends!
    I have developed a new web directory and need your valuable comments to know if something needs to be inculcated.
    It will be of great pleasure to have your valuable comments.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Was any other regions covered? Why only Scotland?

  • seo

    congratulations on the success.Your blog has been very informative and I really enjoy reading it..

  • Paintworkz Web Design

    Well great work. Congrats for the achievement made.

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