Google Base is one of our favourite tools to improve traffic and sales for our clients Ecommerce sites. While you should not rely on Google Base as the sole tool to generate sales we have found that it can improve traffic by 15-50% depending on the site itself. We also find that this traffic has a very high conversion ratio compared to organic rankings.

Even better once Google Base is integrated it can start providing traffic (and Sales) within a few hours and at no extra cost.

As part of the integration we customise the script to make sure your Google Base feed is optimised as much as possible providing the maximum amount of traffic and “OneBox” rankings.

Image: Google’s OneBox

Google OneBox

One of the great things about Google Base is it can start generating sales within days of a site being launched and at no cost after the integration. This means Google Base can often be a much better solution than Adwords for smaller companies on a tight budget.

We can integrate Google Base on all the sites we have developed, if we have not developed the site then we can normally work out a way to integrate it though this normally increases the cost.

If you are interested in having Google Base integrated with your site then feel free to contact one of our account managers via:

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