Google have finally launched the long anticipated Google Drive, a cloud storage / sync solution to rival (and possibly beat) services such as Drop Box, Sugar Sync, and Sky Drive.

Google has fully incorporated Google Drive into its core services and has merged Google Docs with it, meaning any file that is uploaded and in one of the supported file formats will also be able to be edited, shared and collaborated with online.

We have been using services like Drop Box for years to save our work and sync it between computers, allowing us to work from home, the office or remotely completely seamlessly and we believe the release of Google Drive will make this even easier.

Google offer the first 5GB for free, an extra 25GB will set you back $2.49 per month, and 100GB $4.99 per month, making this even cheaper than Drop Box.

This service is also compatible with any client using Google Apps, you can just go to the Google Drive homepage and activate it. This additional service means, in our opinion, our clients get a far superior service than other companies that use POP3, IMAP or Exchange for their clients.