One of the things we pride ourselves at Dolphin Promotions is our technical skills, and one of these skills includes hosting.

All our sites are hosted on dedicated servers that we fully manage ourselves. We carry out all the server updates, handle all your backups and even update your website on a monthly basis to avoid issues with hacking.

Due to us using a dedicated server, and managing our own security, none of our sites ever suffer in performance due to another site on the server. This cannot be said for any company that uses a shared hosting service, which includes the vast majority of small web design companies.

If you have a particularly demanding site we can adjust the resources on the server for your website, such as increased memory allocation for different processes you require.

So far, this year we have had no unplanned downtime, and our current system uptime is 85 days. We carry out essential updates in the early hours around 5 am and do server reboots then, so there is no disruption to your daily business. Our planned system reboots take about 2 minutes in total.

Currently, all our websites are showing 100% uptime in the past 30 days, and we carry out automated checks every 5 minutes on all our sites to make sure they are still up. In the unlikely even a site does go down we are emailed and sent a text informing us so we can look into the issue immediately.

If you want reliable hosting, designed for performance, with regular backups then contact us today using the form below.

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