Junior / Graduate SEO Job Vacancy in Blackpool, Lancashire

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seo An excellent opportunity has arisen within our Blackpool based office as a Junior SEO Executive / Online Marketer. You will be part of a small but growing team where full training will be provided.

This is an ideal position for a University graduate that looking to get a foot on the ladder. Ideally from a computing based degree though all candidates with a good technical knowledge and a passion for Internet marketing will fit the bill.

Initially the chosen individual will be an all rounder, helping out with the day to day running of the business, dealing with enquires and support calls while you get a feel of the job. Long term the candidate will be trained to be a specialist in whatever area they are strongest in though a link builder would be preferred.

Key skills desired (though not all essential) include:

  • Excellent verbal and written English skills.
  • Basic Programming knowledge in ASP, ASP.Net, PHP (On-Site SEO will require you to work with or around code).
  • A good knowledge HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • General analytic and problem solving skills.
  • Driving licence preferred though not essential

Duties will include:

  • Dealing with clients and enquiries on a day to day basis, within all areas of the business (SEO, Web Design, and Networking)
  • Research of clients and competitors websites, identifying strengths and weaknesses of sites.
  • Monthly reporting on key word rankings, links acquired, monthly traffic etc.
  • On-Site Ethical SEO including improving and expanding the content and quality of content, Improving navigational architecture, etc
  • Link Building / Link Baiting
  • Article Writing / SEO Copywriting / Blogging
  • Setting up and managing blogs.
  • Social Networking
  • Managing Pay Per Click campaigns.
  • Client meetings, providing face to face feedback on a campaign and identifying areas to improve on with the client.

If you have the skills other potential duties include:

  • Documenting and Identifying problems within our Dolphin Management system (ASP driven CMS)
  • Improving and expanding the functionality of the CMS
  • Designing websites in Photoshop.
  • Slicing and coding designs into valid XHTML (both your designs and our current designers)
  • Coding designs for WordPress, Joomla, etc

We don’t expect the applicant to be a master of all the above and training will be given.

Salary is negotiable and based on skills/experience/education, a pay review will be made in 6 months and will reflect your improved skill set. Normal holidays and the hours will be 9-5 Monday – Friday though working hours can be flexible.

Please email a covering letter and CV to [email protected]

The job will be located in our new offices in the centre of town which is close to the main train station and all the main bus routes.

There may also be opportunities for University Students wanting part time work on days off (1 or 2 days a week) and summer vacancies.

No agencies please. No freelancers we do not out-source. The job is strictly based from our offices.

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  • Adam

    Thanks for this post. I am a SEO expert. I want to join multi national company

  • SEO RI

    Will you hire an american? I love the UK.

  • James

    We will employ anyone suitable for the job. However I wouldn’t say relocation is a good idea for a junior role!

  • Colin Boyd

    How’s your recruitment going? we’re in the same position in Scotland and where thinking of blogging about it.

  • James

    Going quite badly actually. I think the major problem is that it is a junior graduate position so the people we are trying to get are computing students leaving Uni. I doubt many of them search for SEO job vacancies they are more likely looking for programming or design jobs etc.

  • rubeina

    Hope you get the right person for this job, people often take seo for granted thinking it’s just submissions, submissions and just submissions. I’d suggest you to take someone who has experience in the field or as you said interested in internet marketing.

  • Brendan

    Can you tell me when the planned closing date for applications is? I would be very interested in applying.

  • James

    The position has actually just been conditionally filled. However due to the volume of work we have we are considering taking on another applicant with an aim to start around May. Therefore we are happy to accept applications/cvs up until then.

    In fact if your looking for a graduate type position within SEO/SEM etc we will accept applications throughout the year as there has been a large influx of work.

    @Rubeina Yes I agree, though I find this industry a bit strange to recruit for. As there is no qualification in SEO we need people that are a cross between marketing and web development/programming which normally is 2 quite different subject areas. Therefore for me unless we employed someone with a lot of experience it is more of a case of looking for people with some of the foundation skills and a lot of potential. I also personally like the idea of employing graduates as I found it hard to get a Job after graduating so want to be able to give someone else the chance. But yes ideally some experience or at least a knowledge/passion of online marketing would be advantageous.

  • SEO

    Do you think a uni degree would be a major plus? For example I have been doing web design and SEO for the last 7 years or so. I can show a number of successful projects I worked on as well as highly competitive keywords I rank on. I’m on my second year of Internet management and web design degree, yet I feel like quitting for a number of reasons. Would that be a bad idea in terms of employment later on?

  • new zealand news

    This sounds like a great job, too bad I am not in the UK!

  • webmaster

    Good way to post for a job vacancy…keep it up!!!

  • Sue R @ Repos

    I used to work for an SEO company in St Annes, I have 10 year exp now. Who have you got working at your company, I might know some of them – please email me!

  • Thomas Hardy

    Hi have you filled this position yet, I may know a few students leaving uni interested.

  • seo

    A very good position opening, I am learning the ins and outs of SEO..

  • Chicago

    A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means.

  • Houston

    Listen. Do not have an opinion while you listen because frankly, your opinion doesn?t hold much water outside of Your Universe. Just listen. Listen until their brain has been twisted like a dripping towel and what they have to say is all over the floor.

  • Rachel

    Hope you get the right person for this job, people often take seo for granted thinking it’s just submissions, submissions and just submissions. I’d suggest you to take someone who has experience in the field or as you said interested in internet marketing.

  • kez

    hi, is this position still open or even pt vacancy.

    Looking to get my foot on the ladder. been doing SEO for around 4+ years, 4 online seo exams passed (with certs), google adwords specialist, ecommerce seo and have proof of high ranking pages/keywords. Plus try to keep up-to-date with all the latest seo news.

    Not an expert but more than willing to start on a “in training” position.

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