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spamcartoonA Ok I am being petty again, but I have decided that I am going to create a page dedicated to all the crap SEO spam emails we get. If I remember correctly another SEO company was listing them on their own site, so if anyone remembers the site let me know and I will give them some link love for the idea.

My main reason behind this is because it is funny how stupid SEOs make themselves look when they spam other SEOs with SEO services. I assume they are automated requests so I guess they can’t help it, but then using an automated technique is pretty stupid too.

Today WebSearchPR.Com were kind enough to take some time out of their day to send me an email. Apparently my site only has 155 links in Google, and that they used the Google link count because that is the most important.

“A higher number of links will help me achieve far higher rankings on Google.”

Really? Links are important? Why did no one tell me?

Apparently they have achieved excellent results for their clients and they have increased profits for 100’s of their clients.

Strangely enough they do not seem to have any links in Google themselves, Yahoo shows seven and MSN (+link:) shows none. Maybe they should spend more time building their own links rather than spamming other SEO companies.

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  • SEO Canada

    *GrinZ* There link count is now up to 9!! Maybe someone should tell them that having ALL OF THEIR LINKS be nofollow is also bad?

  • Charlotte Web Design

    Yeah, there are a few SEO spam emails going around. I receive one now and then, although i forget who it is, you would think they wouldn’t spam web designers or seo folks but they do.

  • David Hopkins

    Something similar I saw a while back was an email that said:

    We have linked to your site on this page:

    And on that page was a link to my site with a description. The first thing I did was change the name of the domain in the query string. And hey presto, it just pulled in the meta tags from the domain and created a page that would never be indexed.

    Then they said we will check back to see if you have linked to us on your page and if you have we will keep the link on our site.

    I bet there were quite a few people who fell for that.

  • James

    Yeah I have seen them before, and yeah I bet loads of people fall for it. At the end of the day a lot of people have websites and look after them but know very little about the Internet etc so they wouldn’t even think to check up on that.

    Loads of the enquiries we get for SEO still have reciprocal lining on the website and they still think that is the main way to get links. I suppose with so many crap SEOs out there explaining that reciprocal linking is great it makes educating people a lot harder.

  • SEO Canada

    LOL Recips are great, if there just one part of your link building scheme. I work for Beanstalk (Google SEO Services), and we use it on client sites but it only accounts for about 25% of all links. But the big thing is using multiple link building methods methods. Cheers.

  • seo nsm

    Hi James,

    I think it was Dazzlin Donna who first started outing those spam emails.

    have you seen my sneak video yet of the Google Spam team getting riled up in their canteen before a hards day spam-fighting?

  • web design lancashire

    nobody likes spam, we get spam emails, spam blogs, (just today i got one for the paris hilton tape) unbeleavable my site is safe for kids.

    We should get together and try and make something for wordpress and email systems to prevent spam

  • Gabbo Web Design

    I hate the spam that offers web design services, when in fact if they took the time to check they would realize thats exactly what i do. Its my pet hate! All the selling patter just annoys me.

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