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Sorry for the lack of posts we have had quite a hectic year so far. Both the SEO and Web Design side of the business is extremely busy with out SEO clients grown by 3 fold so we have just not had chance to blog.

Due to our quick growth we have just signed a lease for new offices in the centre of Blackpool Town on Clifton Street (First Floor 32 Clifton Street). It is a nice spacious 1100 Sq Ft so we have plenty of room to grow. We also have a nice new staff room with a 50″ Plasma, XBox 360, and Nintendo Wii. I say staff room but you know it was only really for my benefit!

Unfortunately we haven’t actually had chance to do half the decoration or even put our branding and company details on the main doors yet! Once it is all sorted I will post pictures and details so people can actually find us.

For the time being we will be keeping our old postal address. The office is owned by European Transport Solutions who are friends of ours so our old office will still be available. We will eventually change our postal address but will do it gradually with new clients to avoid people getting too confused!

I am the director of Dolphin Promotions, a full service web design and marketing company based in Blackpool, UK.
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  • Matt

    ‘Sorry for the lack of posts we have had quite a hectic year so far’ – suuuuuuuure, nothing to do with the 50″ Plasma, XBox 360, and Nintendo Wii then?

    Not that I really should point fingers, I am working at the Primefind Office within 20 metres of a 48′ Plasma, Xbox and yes, a Nintendo Wii.

    It looks like ‘The Office of the Future is Now’.

    Have fun at Dolphin.

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