WannaCry has been one of the most disruptive cases of malware in history and it could have been a lot worse if it was coded better and didn’t allow a researcher to activate its killswitch so quickly.

This also could represent the start of a much larger wave of malware being released. The team that leaked the NSA exploit behind WannaCry has announced it will release more exploits.

Shadow Brokers published a fresh statement a few hours ago, promising to release more zero-day bugs and exploits for various desktop and mobile platforms starting from June 2017.

If you are hit with ransomware the damage can range from a minor inconvenience to almost crippling your company. Hopefully, this scare has made people and more importantly companies aware that they need to keep their computers up to date and not randomly click on links from strangers.

If you need help implement a security solution we are more than happy to help. We can provide remote support, as well as come to your office and set up Malware software to protect your from future infections, as well as scan for existing infections.

However, a more important aspect that most people completely ignore is not having a backup solution. If you have important work files, or irreplaceable personal files like accounts, or photos then it is imperative you have a backup solution.

If you are hit by WannaCry, a decent backup solution would mean you still have access to all your important files, you wouldn’t need to pay out the ransom, and if you have access to a spare PC you can be back up and running in minutes compared to days or maybe even weeks.

This is another area we can help you in, we have deployed backup solutions for several companies and we can implement solutions for a variety of budgets.

If you are a business that has any files that are important like accounts etc then you should really be keeping to backup copies, one onsite and one offsite. While an onsite backup solution will be great for ransomware cases like WannaCry, it won’t be much use in the case of an office fire.

We can automate this process for you and have your PCs backup to a server or network attached storage and then from there upload them files to a safe and secure online solution. This can all be done in real time or you can have schedules. In our office, for example, the uploads are carried out in the evening when we are not working to avoid bandwidth issues.

If you are interested in deploying a backup solution then contact us today via our contact page or on 01253 963016 and we can discuss your exact requirements and budget.

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