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After a previous post regarding Tindall Marsh & Co using our design we are in discussion about resolving the situation. I have spoken to the owner and hopefully the problem will be sorted without too much incident. It would appear the situation occurred due to a rather foolish designer whom has now left the company, and the owner has expressed his apologies. So thank you for the quick resolution.

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  • James

    Interestingly I just checked their site and it is about 50 times better now it has been done properly rather than that was ripped off. I will hope the offending designer has been removed from the team. Though I would recommend if you offer SEO services then your site should not be 100% flash.

  • lee wilson

    I would like to advise that this matter has been resolved, any further posts or cheap shots will be regarded in a manner that will guarantee the services of the companies group solicitor.

    Lee Wilson

  • James

    I fail to see what cheap shots I have made, I actually complimented the site. And yes thankyou for resolving the issue

    @SEO Canada, they were good enough to resolve the problem quite fast so I am happy to assume what was said was true.

  • SEO Canada

    LOL Isn’t it always a “Foolish Designer”, or “An employee who is no longer with us”. I’m not too sure how they can call themselves SEO Specialists with a pure flash site….

  • SEO Canada

    Too true, but it seems like a typical industry line 🙂

    There is very little recourse for blogging the facts. And the damage is already done with Sphinn outranking them on Google.com for their own name 🙂

  • James

    I have had the title changed on that Sphinn topic, so it will drop its rankings sooner or later.

  • Peter Dixon

    Good afternoon all, first off let me praise Tindall Marsh & Co for fixing a problem within a matter of hours, not many companies would do it so fast, so this indicates that Tindall did not want a copy and their name down graded like James did in google, why did you not be a man about this situation and contact Tindall and explain instead of going about this in the wrong way? As for seo Canada, in which ‘BOOK’ of seo does it state that if you have an seo company you have to use it on your own site?? I bet there is not a single website out there that has not copied a design in some way or another……Just a simple mistake.
    LEE: I cannot see the point in wasting money on solicitors when they are not worth the hassle of it all. Instead of slandering on a blog they should be busy building websites, obviously they have not got a lot of work on.

    Good Day to you all.

  • James

    Peter, it was not a matter of hours, it had been their for a while. From my experience in the past phone calls and emails do not get anywhere when cases like this occur. Obviously I was wrong in thinking Tindall would ignore me and leave the site live.

    I am not having a go at Tindall I think it is good they were proactive and solved the situation. I get the feeling we keep treading over the same ground here. I would close the comments but I feel it would look like some form of censorship.

    Peter, we are quite busy thank you, and we are not committing any liable as all the things stated so far have been the truth. If any commenter does commit an act of liable that I am aware of I shall edit the comment accordingly.

  • SEO Canada

    Ahh which book does it say an SEO company should rank in, thats easy the book of success 🙂 Mind you the company I work for ranks #1 for SEO Services on google.com throughout all of North America.

    Anyone with two cents would only rank a company that could rank themselves, how else will they rank you if they can’t rank themselves?

  • Peter Dixon

    James i am aware that Tindall marsh and co’s domain has only been live for a not even a month, so its not like you can say they was aware of all this. I bet if I look into all your designs and layouts I could find copied piece of work?? We all cut corners in this game, there is that much competition that we need to build fast to make a living. To finish on a high, SEO canada in my experience there is that many people using the same seo, keywords etc that Its hard to reach the top of google, so congratulations on your success, I prefer getting clients to the top instead of my own website.

    Good luck to you all in you business and I think james needs to rectify this situation due to Tindall Being unaware and you running your mouth before knowing the facts!

  • paul

    Glad to hear you got it all sorted out James.

    i have seen things like this get quite messy.

    IMO I would close the comments, just in case. 🙂


    P.S. Have a good one over the Holidays.

  • James

    Cheers Paul, yeah it was sorted out surprisingly easily so I am quite happy and I wish Tindall the best in the future.

    Meh I know I should close the comments, but it ain’t gonna happen, I am a believer in free speach(ish)! I am on my computer most of the time, so I should be able to moderate anything that is too bad. Also its nice to get comments on a blog, good or bad hahah.

    I need to pull my finger out and get back into blogging, just been too busy this month or 2.

    Yeah have a good chrimbo mate, think we are off from tomorrow to the start of January, though I may take the free time to work on our own sites rather than client sites.

  • James

    @Peter Dixon- I am pretty sure everything has been rectified so I don’t see why you keep bringing it up. I wont discuss exact details of what happened but it wasn’t just a case of similar design cutting corners. However Tindall explained it was their designers/an employees fault and they amended the problem, in return I removed the original post about the company and got the post de-indexed. I originally made this post to ensure that people knew that the issue had been amicably resolved.

  • Hobo Scotland

    LOL Did somebody mention libel?

    Seeing as the comments are still open I thought I’d wade in with some familiar rhetoric 😉

    I’m kidding, James 🙂

    But if you do the crime you pay the time. Whether or not it was a mistake that’s been resolved, ignorance is no defence – that’s what I’ve always been told. If somebody had “borrowed” so heavily from my site I too would have been right on the blog.

    In my opinion James has every right to be mad, offensive, public – whatever. DP is a brand they no doubt work hard on and he is just protecting that.

    That being said, is there any such thing as original design these days? Everybody copies everybody else. I’m sure you’ve done it too, James.

    However, when I’m copying somebody’s design i try and make sure the site is not in anywhere near the same sphere / industry, and at least the colours, fonts / photography etc are diferent. To be honest it’s layout I copy when a bit of inspiration is needed (lucky I dont do the designs anymore!)

    Hats off to the company in question or at least responding “quickly” (I won’t further increase their reputation management issue by naming them!).

    A lesson should be learned here for budding designers. Not just about creating ‘origional’ designs for websites, but about not screwing with a seo company who actually know a bit about what they do 🙂

    Reputation Management anyone? You’ll need to be a good seo company to sort this one out unless james is thinking about Karma any time soon:


  • James

    Well that was one of the reasons I did this post in the first place, the original post was indexed very fast and obviously blasted the company. As they resolved it so fast I wanted to make sure people knew they had admitted to the error and resolved it.

    Now that the Sphinn post seems to of dropped in rank I will change the title of this post to try and stop us ranking higher than the real website.

    I haven’t copied any designs as I don’t design! But yes I have no doubt our designer takes “ideas” from other websites. All layouts are pretty much copied anyway, most websites use 1,2,3 column designs with or without headers and footers. I would probably sack him if I found out he had blatantly ripped off the code from another persons site though.

  • James

    The title tag has now been changed so hopefully we will drop in rank for the company name soon.

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