It is that time of the month again and North South Media have released the results for the top SEO companies for August 2007. The results are broken down into regional (Scotland), National (UK) and International results.

Dolphin Promotions have once again made it into the top ten for both the UK and International results. We are based in England so don’t really target the Scotland Terms.

We would just like to point out that this isn’t an official chart, and the results shouldn’t be taken as total truth. A company may promote their own website very well and then provide poor quality work for their clients or even worse use Black Hat techniques. However it should also be assumed that a SEO company that cannot rank well for their own key terms then they probably cannot rank so well for their clients key terms and therefore all the companies in the Top Ten of the results have done a great job of their own sites.

National results as follows:

 CompanyAug 07 July 07
1SE Optimise62 pts60 pts
2Submit Express60 pts63 pts
3Blue Claw57 pts38 pts
4Green Light Search54 pts53 pts
5Mister Web52 pts51 pts
6Vertical Leap48 pts20 pts
7Daedal43 pts31 pts
8SEO Company UK41 pts42 pts
9Dolphin Promotions40 pts29 pts
10Beyonder38 pts35 pts

International results as follows:

 CompanyAug 07 July 07
1WebLinx117 pts128 pts
2SEO CO UK88 pts95 pts
3360innovate70 pts31 pts
4Big Mouth Media69 pts51 pts
5Just Searching58 pts29 pts
6Dolphin Promotions55 pts57 pts
7I have a Website Now What!40 pts51 pts
8North South Media32 pts07 pts
9Search Engine Optimising31 pts28 pts
10SEO Company30 pts