Recently I upgraded my home PC to Windows 7 Beta. Yes you might think I am a sucker for punishment with Microsoft being notorious for releasing buggy software however many people are reporting that Windows 7 is supirior to Vista even in the Beta stages.

Anyway, while the Windows 7 experience has been quite pleasurable there have been a few gremlins to work around. The main one being trying to get Outlook 2007 to work with my Exchange email that is hosted by Fasthosts.

If you set up the email as normal once you start Outlook it repeatedly asks you for your password as if it is not recognising you as a user.
So after resorting to Outlook Web Access for the past couple of days I decided to pull my finger out and figer out what is going on.

Anyway I found a useful post on With hosted exchange account names are normally in the form of [email protected], however internally on the Exchange Active Directory they will be stored in the format of ADSDomain\name_internetdomain. So therefore if you use the format of Exchange Active Directory for the username you will be able to set up your email.

Apparantly if access Outlook Web Access go to options and change password you will be able to see the correct username there.

Unfortunately for Fasthosts users this option is not there however if you use the normal username (ie [email protected]) and change the authentication from “Basic” to “NTLM” it does appear to fix the problem.

This technically should not work as Fasthosts claim they use basic authentication however they may use NTLM authentication internally. Either way it appears to resolve the issue.